What is the Best Cloth to Clean Windows?

Clothes are an essential product in cleaning any home. They help us keep the different areas of the house clean. Without having to spend too much time and effort and with very good finishes. However, not all clothes are created equal. It is important to know that there are different types depending on the material with which we make them. It is precisely this material that determines what use each cloth is most suitable for based on its properties. In this post, we will review the different wipes and we will tell you which are the best wipes for cleaning windows. Keep reading!

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Synthetic fiber cloths

It is the most common type of cloth since it serves as a multipurpose cloth. They are the most efficient cloths when cleaning because of the fibers present in their components: polyester, viscose, and propylene…

They are absorbent and very useful cloths that are used for cleaning both dry and wet.

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Natural fiber cloths

They are soft and resistant cloths, made with natural and biodegradable materials that do not release plastic fibers. They are a sustainable alternative to the classic multipurpose synthetic fiber cloth. If you are interested in green cleaning and this type of environmentally friendly product, do not miss our post on cleaning products that do not harm the environment. In it, we review several tips that we can implement in our cleaning routine to be more eco-friendly.

It is a type of cloth that you can use to clean different surfaces such as countertops, garden furniture, and office tables…

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Microfiber cloths

They are highly durable clothes since they have less wear and tear and, with a little care, they can last up to eight years. Microfiber is a type of very fine synthetic fiber with which a non-woven fabric is made, also called microfiber, made up of polyester and polyamide.

They usually have two different sides, one drags and removes dirt and the other adds shine to the surface. They trap dirt very well and do not leave residue and lint, which makes them suitable for almost any type of surface, including glass.

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Cloths for crystals

As we have already mentioned before, microfiber cloths are a very good option for glass and mirrors. However, it is true that there are also specific wipes for cleaning windows. With this type of wipe, PVA wipes have stood out for some time.

PVA wipes

They are polyvinyl alcohol cloths, a substance that permeates the entire glass cleaning cloth to remove dirt from the cloth when wringing it out, which is why they are usually said to be self-cleaning. Although, it is recommended to wash it after several uses to completely remove all traces of dirt.

They are clothes to be used wet since, otherwise, they will be hard and rigid. A trick that you can use to save the product and moisten the cloth is to apply the glass cleaning product directly on the cloth, instead of on the glass. Once you finish using it, rinse and drain it so that it cleans itself, and let it dry well before putting it away again.

They are cloths suitable for any type of surface and do not leave traces of dirt or marks on the surface.


Do you prefer professional window cleaning?

Although, as we have seen, window cleaning cloths allow you to get good results in a simple way, carrying out deep cleaning of windows is a complex task. Have specialized tools and specific products, and know what technique to use depending on the type of glass… The weather also has an influence, since the sun or the wind can leave traces on the glass by causing it to dry before. Therefore, it is better to choose cloudy days or times when the sun is not present. In addition, the exterior cleaning of the crystals can become dangerous. Therefore, the most reliable and secure option is to hire a professional company.

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