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What are the Benefits of Using HTML5 Video Player?

As a video content owner, what would you say is your worst nightmare? Not being able to deliver a good video streaming experience to your users.

The OTT industry is booming, and even after the pandemic, multiple video content owners have seen a rise in OTT entertainment access. With such a wider audience demand, a video content owner like you should ensure a smooth video flow.

Did you know that previously, video content owners would have to invest in additional plugins wherein, in order to access any video content, a video player had to be downloaded?

Given that, the process became tiresome. While HTML was a constant consideration amongst such users, in the present time, a refined HTML would be much appreciated. This is exactly why HTML 5 should be on top of your list. In fact, HTML5 video streaming is a major hit, and to help you understand the top reason for this, our blog will be your guide.

What Are HTML5 Video Players?

Using HTML5 streaming offers tons of benefits. As a video content owner, the main aim of delivering any video content is to offer an exceptional video experience. The video experience isn’t limited to just quality alone, there are multiple other factors that are also important such as buffer-free content, the opportunity to pause a video, etc.

This is exactly what HLS streaming html5 offers. Previously before the HTML5 video player upgrade could take place, the video experience was lengthy. The need for plugins was required, and then video content owners had to download video players and so on.

Now with HTML5, a simple Javascript embed code makes the whole process simpler and easier. To learn more about the impact of HLS video player, let’s move towards learning the benefits it can offer you.

Top 7 Benefits Of Using HTML5 HLS Stream

There are multiple reasons why HTML5 is the new tool for video content owners to consider. This will help enhance the OTT space they’ve created and improve the process of exhibiting video. Here are the top ones:

1. Minimum use of other resources

As stated earlier, the use of an HTML5 won’t require the need for any plugins. To get started as well, the required resources will be limited, making it a convenient choice for video content owners to consider at the moment.

2. Simpler Integration

Integration becomes simpler with the HLS player. As a video content owner, you will be required to exhibit your video content online in order to grasp more viewer attention. This could be done on various platforms, the popular choice would be social media. The process of doing the same becomes easier with HTML 5. For instance, auto-playing the video content is easier with an HTML5 video player.

3. Complete Control

You will also have the ability to take control of multiple aspects. As stated earlier, just delivering an exceptional video experience isn’t enough. If you’re considering using an HLS player, there are tons of actions you can conduct, such as:

  • Create a revenue-driven user interface
  • Stream great videos buffer free
  • Access video content in any format
  • Easy integration of videos on any platform
  • Stream videos across various browsers, etc.

As a video content owner, you will have complete control to enhance your video applications as you like them. To help you get started, you can consider some of the popular HLS video player providers right now.

4. Wide Feature Lists

Investing in a simple video player is not enough. Also, you have to deliver a great video experience to the viewers. This is possible when you invest in HLS video player providers that offer you many features. These features work in your favour by letting you provide a great video streaming experience, thus doubling your revenue. To name a few are:

  • Providing high-end HLS and dash adaptive
  • Providing detailed engagement reports to analyze and understand what video actions are working for your business
  • Offers Player SDK for Android and iOS platforms
  • Offers server-side ad insertion and much more.

5. Customization Option

If you see around you, tons of video content owners are in the race to strengthen their video streaming business. In such a time, you need to stand out from this competitive crowd as well. The best way to use it is to utilize the HTML5 video player to the fullest. Apart from offering the features above, this video player also provides complete customization options.

You can add your brand logo to change the way your interface is, HTML5 makes it easier to create and enhance a good video streaming revenue business.

6. Strong Security Choices

Security is the number one factor that video content owners cannot shy from. A secure video player can save you time from any data loss or other related issues. With HTML5, there are tons of security features that can be incorporated, such as:

  • Advanced Watermarking
  • AES Encryption
  • Login Protection
  • Paywall Integration
  • Screenshot Prevention
  • IP Blocking
  • Access Management
  • SSL Certifications, etc

We are all surrounded by the online world, and in fact, most of the high-end businesses are being conducted online. Investing in the best HTML5 video player provider that can offer them all as listed above seems fair.

7. Cost-Effective Solution

Lastly, setting up an HTML5 player is less expensive than you think. In fact, there are HTML5 HLS video player providers who can help you in the greatest way possible. From helping you get started with this player to offering great features to enhance your platform.


A good video content owner will always ensure that they do their best to deliver an exceptional video streaming experience. Now that you’re aware of the perks of the HLS video player, it’s time to get started.

Thus to help you begin your first steps, we suggest investing in an expert who can offer you a simple and buffer-free HLS video player. These providers offer tons of features as well to enhance the video streaming experience you wish to offer. Name a few are domain validation, advanced player support, and much more. Have you planned to get started with the HLS video streaming?

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