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The Best Premium Wristwatch Brands to Buy Right Now

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While Swiss watch brands have a reputation, they are not the only premium wristwatch brands in the market. With a price with which you can easily buy a small car, the most popular wristwatch brands are not for the people shopping on a budget.


However, men with taste don’t look at the price of the watch but in the style of the watch. Some premium brands do a better job of bringing you great design, incredible style, and a lot of comforts. If you are in the market for some new wristwatches but you don’t want to sell an arm and leg to get some, some premium brands give you exactly what you want. Plus, when you pair it up with a Rivoli promo code to save some extra bucks.

Here are 4 premium brands that make the best wristwatches for you to enjoy and wear for a long time.


Known for their distinct style and durability, Longines is a premium brand of wristwatches that went through a lot to get to the point they are now. They come with a very affordable price tag compared to their competition which is why men like to get Longines watches when they have a Rivoli promo code to sweeten the deal.


While they don’t mass produce the watches, they do make a good amount of their watches. They offer a large variety of watches that offer the classic vintage look that you need along with a refined design that exults class. Of course, the winged hourglass logo makes the watches even more irresistible.


Most watches by the brand can suit men of all ages and complement different styles. They cater to a lot of classes and professions so that everyone can get something from their collection, which is saying something. Plus, the traditional leather band makes them irresistible.



For more than 170 years, Omega has been delivering some of the best-designed wristwatches to the world. This brand has been around for a long time and is known for its delicacy and incredibly masculine. They are one of the most successful brands in the world and that is saying something.


With a Rivoli promo code, you can easily get your hands on a wristwatch that has been to space, gone down to the depths of the ocean, and even traveled to the North Pole. Started in 1848, Omega brand has been successful at delivering some of the finest quality wristwatches ever worn by men.


Celebrities like Elvis Presley have sung praises of the brand and have loved it until their dying breath. These watches are excellent, which the consumers expect nothing less from it. Considering that the name means perfection and greatness in the Greek language, they should hardly expect anything less than perfection from it.



You will hardly find a Swiss luxury watch brand that caters to all budgets, but Rado is an exception. Known to the world and rose to fame with their ceramic wristwatch collection, Rado took the world by storm when they introduced one great wristwatch collection after the other.


They are known for using only the finest quality materials in their watches, which has won the name Master of Materials in the market. They only use high tech machinery to make their watches, especially their ceramic collection.


Their watches are stylish, smooth, and exult luxury from every corner. Rado watches are incredibly wearable, high durable, and exceptionally lightweight. These watches have clean lines and minimalist silhouettes to make them stand out from their competition. With the Rivoli promo code, you can easily get a couple of these watches for special occasions.



Running with the motto “innovators by tradition,” Tissot watches are very unique. With a heavy influence on heritage and the old-fashioned way of making watches, Tissot brings in tradition and technology together to offer something dashing to men who prefer the style and classic touch to their accessories.


They were once Official Timekeepers at NBA and even the European Rugby Championship. These wristwatches are unique in their way, but largely because they are made from an average of 100 parts that are meticulously put together.


Tissot watches are dressy, even if you wear them with a leather band or with a metallic band. They are luxurious looking with a classic touch to them yet they do look modern and stylish at the same time. With the Rivoli promo code, you can make the best of it and enjoy wearing them.


These are the four brands that look great and are easily available online. While most of these brands are affordable, the Rivoli promo code can make it even more affordable for you to own more than two watches at the same time. Just make the best of the code and get more than one watch from any of these brands.

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