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Print Privacy Frost Vinyl Management Software

In today’s print economic environment, resources are often limited, but companies are under increasing pressure to get things done faster or more efficiently. Therefore, it is essential to know exactly what is printed and copied and how much it all costs. Because the only way to improve efficiency is to know where the inefficiencies are.

Sharp print management software helps you do just that by proactively monitoring and managing your Privacy Frost Vinyl, scan, and copy usage. It allows you to see precisely how much your printers are being used, by whom, and when; for example, you can control access rights for each printer on your network. This valuable information enables you to improve productivity and increase document security and regulatory compliance. It also provides you with the information you need to ensure the right printers are in the right locations for optimal efficiency.

Many printing businesses have survived the impact of COVID

Despite 35% of print service providers being fully operational and fully staffed, almost half are still operating with reduced manpower. An additional 17% also had to reduce their hours of operation. The promotional, book, and large-format print segments are expected to recover and grow.

Covid-19 quickly began to impact the economy at the end of the first quarter of 2020, fueling speculation that many commercial printers would go out of business due to the pandemic. Bankruptcy estimates at the time were high, but time has proven them wrong, with just 3% of printers going out of business by the end of 2020, according to a Keypoint Intelligence-Big Picture Magazine survey.

The survey, conducted in November 2020, showed that despite 35% of print service providers (PSPs) being fully operational and fully staffed, nearly half are still operating with reduced manpower. An additional 17% also had to reduce their hours of operation.

Despite most market segments being affected by the pandemic, promotional, book, and wide-format printing are expected to recover and grow, while the packaging printing segment, which has never been affected, it will continue to grow strongly.

For Keypoint Intelligence, PSPs have something else to worry about besides the economy. The rapid acceleration of online printing could pose challenges for most traditional PSPs, which can better manage customer loyalty when relationships with shoppers are face-to-face and more personal. Once the customers of these PSPs enter the online channel, the competition is just a click away and it is very easy to compare. This could favor large online printers that operate under economic-scale models with very aggressive pricing.

PSPs will have to sell additional value (such as consulting, design, and specialty printing) to justify a higher price. Strategic print products and communications often bring better ROI to the print buyer, but PSPs need to effectively promote, sell and create that strategic print.

Tailor-made document management solutions with A4 color laser printers

Designed to be installed with a managed print service, the Brother L9000 series printers and MFPs are powerful and durable, with advanced features such as customizable tray configuration, customizable display, and high-volume printing capabilities.

Increasing productivity and streamlining office processes involves creating smart workflows. Recognizing this, Brother has recently announced the L9000 series of A4 color laser printers, which offers higher print quality and allows you to create customized document management solutions. This range represents a strategic bet for Brother in a new segment of the high-speed color laser market, with powerful and durable equipment capable of covering larger print volumes.

Comprised of the hl-l9470cdn and hl-l9430cdn printers and the MFC-l9670cdn and MFC-l9630cdn multifunctional, the L9000 series includes advanced features such as fully customizable tray configuration, customizable display, high-volume printing capability, higher printing and scanning speeds, as well as renewed security.

Printers are not only advanced on the inside, but also in terms of accessories and consumables. All the pre-existing accessories of the current color laser range (trays, tower, pedestal table) are compatible with the series so the renovation of the park is very advantageous. In addition, some of the accessories from Brother’s monochrome laser range, such as the finisher and staple finisher, can also be used, making the transition from monochrome to color easy.

The toners and drum have been optimized increasing their capacity and improving the cost per page. The useful life of the equipment and its parts has also been doubled, so that customers can maintain this equipment for several years, thus contributing to the reduction of waste, one of the lines of action that Brother incorporates into its environmental strategy.

The series is specially designed to be installed with a managed printing service, in order to optimize its use and adapt it to any office environment. This type of modality saves time and internal resources, by including the automatic replacement of consumables, specialized technical support in the event of any incident, and the improvement of security options for greater peace of mind, ideal for companies that seek to improve their efficiency without increasing their costs. costs.

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