OneTouch EMR Software Review And Its Features

Whether you’re looking for a cloud-based EMR solution or a system that integrates with your current practice management software, One Touch EMR is one of the best options. With its cloud-based architecture, ease of use, scalability, and security, it’s easy to see why it’s such a good choice.


OneTouch EMR software is cloud-based and offers a variety of features to make medical records management simple. It is designed to support small-to-midsize practices, and it provides a dashboard for managing patient appointments and demographics. It also connects electronically with a practice’s lab-order system, reducing lab turnaround time and improving workflow.

OneTouch EMR software offers a scalable pricing structure. The free version of the software includes basic features, while the more expensive versions provide more features and support. The software can be accessed through almost any web-enabled device. It offers both iOS and browser delivery. It is a reliable solution for a variety of medical practices.

OneTouch EMR is offered as a standalone solution, but it can also be integrated with several practice management solutions. It includes features for scheduling, appointment reminders, document management, lab orders, e-prescribing, and integrated fax. Users can pay for a monthly subscription or a one-time setup fee.

Easy to use

One touch EMR software is a cloud-based EMR software that makes it easy for doctors to use and is free of cost. The user-friendly software eliminates hurdles that used to impede the use of EMR software. The program’s user-friendly features include import from Practice Fusion and Clinical Quality Measure reports. It also allows multiple users to be added to a single primary account. Its ease of use makes it a good fit for any type of medical practice.

One Touch EMR is an easy-to-use program that can be set up in no time at all. It features a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for both large and small practices. The software allows users to record patient information, perform lab tests, and schedule appointments. It also offers a user-friendly dashboard to keep track of appointments. Moreover, it includes a news feed that keeps you up to date on industry developments.

Another plus point of One Touch EMR Software is that it is customizable to your practice. It can be used with touch, keyboard, and voice dictation. The software is also compatible with any operating system. Users have noted that the software allows them to spend more time with their patients. They can also quickly add new patients and access patient information from any location. The software also integrates seamlessly with your existing EMR software.


When choosing an EMR software for your practice, there are many options available. The first thing to do is to determine what features your practice needs most. Once you know what you need, you can prioritize features and allocate resources to the best solution. For example, you may need an appointment scheduling application or a patient portal. The software that you choose must support these functions.

For In Touch EMR, this meant migrating from a managed VMware environment to a self-managed HIPAA-compliant environment on AWS. ClearScale was able to help them meet their goals of setting up a secure and reliable cloud environment. This was especially beneficial for the company’s HIPAA compliance requirements, which require secure data storage and management. ClearScale provided comprehensive documentation, runbooks, and other services to help In Touch EMR transition smoothly and quickly.

One Touch EMR is an ONC-ATCB-certify cloud-based EMR that helps practices manage patient medical histories. The software is accessible from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It also offers ONC-ATCB certification, which helps doctors obtain reimbursement for their work. The company provides online chat and training videos, as well as phone support to help practice staff make the most of the software.


OneTouch EMR is a web-based medical record system with extensive features. These include patient history, lab reports, communications, and future treatment plans. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple to learn and use. It also has a scalable pricing structure. Users can choose their specific plan depending on the size of their practice or specialty.

OneTouch EMR is a cloud-based medical record system with features that are ideal for small and medium-sized medical practices. It features integrated fax, electronic labs and orders, iPad photos, and an annotation tool called Free Draw. The system is compatible with all browsers and is highly customizable. It is suitable for both solo practitioners and multi-location practices.

Currently, a large number of ambulatory care providers are adopting EMRs. However, they still have a challenge when it comes to faxing documents. It is important to avoid faxing and exchanging protected health information electronically. With OneTouch EMR, this problem is solved with its integrated Kno2 Direct messaging capabilities. This solution makes it easier for ambulatory care providers to share patient information, which is a key driver for better outcomes in value-based care. By making patient records more accessible, ambulatory caregivers can attract more referral partners by keeping patient records up to date.

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