Journey of K-POP GROUP BTS and the Net Worth of Each Member

Whether it’s FAKE LOVE or IDOL, every album of BTS hits the heart and soul and millions of people are fans of this K-POP group. Apart from North KOREA, there is a huge fan base you can find in INDIA also. This K-POP group has received this popularity, fame, and fanbase through their extensive efforts and dedication. To today’s date, no other K-POP group has the potential to grab the chair of BTS. All songs of BTS have cleared several records of previous K-POP artists. The story of BTS is quite overwhelming and the reason behind today’s success is the struggles and utmost efforts of the past. Before directly heading towards the net worth of BTS Members, we will talk about the story of their past. Hope you may find it interesting to learn about your favorite K-POP group story. 

The whole story behind the remarkable journey of BTS 

Turning stage of career 

There are seven members of BTS or beyond the scene and the names are – JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, RM, V, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK. All the members make this group complete and they have also released the single album alone. The BTS group was developed in the year 2013 and the members have started recording the song from the year 2013. Released several albums like 2 Cool, 4 SKOOL WAKEUP, WINGS but these albums or songs have not reached the BILLBOARD list and after various hustles, their prayers come to light. In the years 2016 and 2017 their songs steal the heart of the audience and reached the top of the list. Also received certification from RIAA for their single album song “MIC DROP” and get ranked in the BILLBOARD US charts. From the year 2020, things have dramatically changed, and every album was hitting the floor. Due to this kind of popularity, BTS was nominated for the Grammy Award and then the series of success journeys began. Their album became the “most selling album” and members have performed for the “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”.Along with this, they have appeared in the magazine with the title of  “most influential people in the world”. BTS members are also awarded through the PM of NORTH KOREA and participate in social welfare like “Love Myself” and the other country’s development activities.

Success in a competitive world was not easy for them but still the consistent hard work, patience, and learning from every mistake encouraged them to make a remarkable appearance in front of the world. No matter what but still the members are down to earth, humble, loveable, and never hurt the audience from their act. If we talk about the particular skill of a member then – here is the list of all the seven members with their expertise

  • Jin – He is a vocalist 
  • Suga and RM – They are rappers ( RM is a leader of the group BTS) 
  • JIMIN – He is a vocalist 
  • V – He is a vocalist 
  • JUNGKOOK – He is a vocalist 

Now if we talk about the net worth then it is about $100 million for BTS, and each member earns through endorsements, special appearances, and advertisements. The richest member of BTS is – J-HOPE with a $26 million net worth and also owns luxurious stuff. The next richest member of the BTS is – SUGA with a $25 million net worth and he is an amazing rapper, recorded at least 70 songs alone. Leader of the BTS, RM has a net worth of $22 million and composed 170+ songs and done solo mixtapes. Another member of the BTS, JIMIN also owns the most luxurious apartment like J-HOPE and earns $20 million net worth. Multi-talented member of the BTS, Jungkook owns $20 million net worth and another world’s most handsome person and member of the BTS, V or KIM Tae-hyung owns $19 million and also he has performed as an actor in various dramas of NORTH KOREA. 

Awards : 

Due to their amazing singing skill, BTS members have created history and become a winner of BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS. Also received a certification for the singles from the UK and many more. Some of their best album we are listing down here – 

  • Butter 
  • Permission to dance 
  • Life goes on
  • Film out 
  • Dynamite 
  • On 
  • Boy with LUV 
  • STAY 
  • Blue and grey 
  • Mic drop 
  • Fake love 
  • Euphoria 
  • DNA
  • IDOL

These were some popular songs recorded by BTS and also very beautifully choreographed through dance. 

Summing Up – 

So if you are in the army and love the songs of BTS then you may find them interesting to read. Go get up and it’s the time to chill out the mood if you need some break. 

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