iPhone Battery Replacement From Country-Wide Experts

iPhones – since their inception by the late Steve Jobs – have been the fad of the decade if not the century. The top-tier iPhones have always etched more memories than any other smartphone in its competition. Whether you are someone who loves the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S variants or someone who adores the new strong and sturdy iPhone 12 and 13 models you cannot shy away from the fact that there’s nothing like iOS yet in the markets even after years of going strong and building a niche market. But iPhones, just like other phones, have basic issues that need repair from time to time.

The iPhone battery replacement issue is one of such basic problems that may arrive from time to time because of usage, defects, accidental damage, or any other heating or charging issue that might be affecting the overall iPhone. But you have the right to know and you can do so by contacting the top iPhone repair experts in the city.

Average Cost of iPhone Battery Replacement – Cost in India

Battery replacement for an iPhone starts at 4000 INR (see below for the cost of the battery depending on the model).

Reasons For iPhone Battery Replacement

  • An inflated battery
  • The iPhone keeps shutting off by itself
  • The heat from overcharging an iPhone or heat from other sources
  • The batteries have completed their charging cycles
  • Defects in battery manufacturing
  • The use of an incompatible charger or adapter
  • There is a frequent surge in power
  • Leaving iPhone exposed to high temperatures

Things To Remember Before Replacing Battery

Switch off the battery if it is bloated and speak to a qualified technician immediately (bloated batteries can cause a fire). High temperatures can cause the battery to bulge. Our technician performs the following checks after the iPhone battery replacement has been completed:

  • The time it takes to charge
  • Keeping a battery charged
  • Any heating (if any)

The iPhone battery replacement process is complex, requiring the right tools and a clean environment. If you have the battery changed from the top repair experts in your city, you can get the following:

1. Replacement Warranty

Most top repairs provide a warranty on their repairs. If you’re looking for a sturdy repair make sure you ask them for the kind of warranty/guarantee they provide on their repairs.

2. Authentic OEM Parts

Make sure your iPhone battery replacement procedure is done using an authentic Apple-certified battery and other OEM parts.

3. Affordable Prices For The Best Fixes

Often getting Apple products replaced or repaired can be a costly affair but make sure you get it done at a believable price and not for something that burns a hole in your pocket.

4. Full Data Privacy and Protection

Check whether your iPhone battery replacement centre has the ability to protect your data and privacy and get you your device back in the best way possible. Read reviews or ask friends who have gone for a similar repair in the past.

5. Pick Up & Drop Service

If not all, some of the top repair experts in the city are happy to pick up your device and get it dropped back to you after repair. Ask if you can get that service.

6. Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the repair or your device simply isn’t working like it should, then you must get your money back. Ask for a money-back guarantee and what if the device still has problems post a repair procedure?

iPhone battery replacement procedures can be tricky so make sure you’re only relying on experts who have the right certification, experience, and tools to make your device fool-proof. Not everyone has the right skill so make sure you do your homework properly and be patient during the entire process.

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