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Information Related to Garlic Cultivation in India

Garlic is grown as a cash crop. It is used as a tuber spice. Allicin is present in garlic, which has a unique smell and pungency taste. Many tubers in a garlic lump are separated, peeled, and used as medicinal spices. Garlic is beneficial in many diseases, and garlic is used to eliminate throat and stomach diseases. The sulphur compounds present in garlic are believed to be responsible for garlic’s smell and spicy taste.

Like apples, there is a saying in garlic that “a clove of garlic keeps the doctor away for a day”. Therefore, garlic is known as a beneficial crop.

Garlic Cultivation

Garlic is cultivated in almost all corners of the country. Due to its aroma and taste, garlic is specially used in many types of vegetables and different kinds of meat dishes. In addition, garlic is used in a medicinal form in blood pressure, stomach disorders, digestive disorders, cancer, arthritis, lung-related diseases, impotence, and other diseases. Moreover, Swaraj 744 is an efficient and productive tractor model. It helps to make the farming process easy. Also, it comes in an economical price range.

Antibacterial and anticarcinogenic properties are present in garlic, due to which it is used in many diseases. Therefore, garlic plays an essential role in earning foreign exchange. The garlic area in Madhya Pradesh is around 60,000 hectares, and production is approximately 270 thousand metric tons. Currently, processing units are working in Madhya Pradesh, where powder, paste, and chips are prepared and exported abroad. Hence, it is an excellent source of earning foreign exchange. In Uttar Pradesh, too, its crop has a good yield.

Climate Demands

An average temperature is required for garlic cultivation. Both extreme cold and extreme heat are not suitable for its crop. Garlic bulbs require short-day temperatures to ripen. A temperature of 29.35 ° C, a short day of 10 hours, and 70% humidity are considered suitable for its cultivation.

Manures & Fertilisers

To get a good yield of garlic, 200-300 quintals of old cow dung manure/compost has to be added per hectare. In addition, 80-100 KG of Netrajan should be applied in the field per hectare, and 50-60 KG of Phosphorus, 70-80 KG of Potash and 20-25 KG of Zinc Sulphate. Also, the New holland 3630 tractor model helps to attach implements without any hassle. For farmers, it’s important to get a tractor which is robust and productive in working.

Manure & Fertilisers

15 to 20 days before the planting of garlic seeds, the field should be ploughed well by adding compost or cow dung manure. After this, mix Netrajan, Phosphorus, Potas and Zinc in three equal parts and mix it in the field two days before the last ploughing. After this, the first irrigation should be done 25-30 days after removing the grass from the area.

Sowing Method

Around 5-6 quintals of seeds are required for sowing in a one-hectare field. Instead of sowing the tubers directly, they should be treated with a mixture of 3 grams of Mancozeb + Carbendizum. Sowing of garlic seeds is done by jumping, spraying or dibbling.

At the time of sowing the buds, keep the light part of the buds upwards, 5-7 cm. Bury it in depth and cover it with soil. At the same time, sowing the buds, 8 cm between the two buds. Distance and 15 cm between two rows. Must keep a distance from the Garlic planter that can be used for sowing seeds on a large scale.

Weed Control

After 15-20 days of first irrigation in the garlic field, weed control should be done using a weed-hoeing method if weeds appear in the area. After this, when weeds are seen from time to time, weed them.


Garlic crops are ready to yield in 130-180 days. When the leaves of garlic plants turn yellow and start drying, stop watering them. Dry the lumps removed from the excavation properly in the shade for 3-4 days. Properly dried bales can be stored for 6 to 8 months at 70% humidity.

The yield of garlic depends on the type and species of the crop. Its average yield is 150 to 200 quintals per hectare. The market price of garlic is excellent, due to which farmer brothers can earn well by cultivating garlic.

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