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How to Repurpose a Webinar And Make the Most of Them? [11 Ideas]

You can create different content formats and show them over social media, Slideshare, and other platforms. However, you have to work on video editing and trimming to achieve so. Everything requires proper planning and strategy to achieve success. Hence, the best webinar platform experts share the following ideas that can change your complete webinar success rate. You can use the content for repurposing and making the most of your webinar in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

11 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Webinars with Repurposing Online!

Using your recorded videos of the webinar can be a great way, and making the most of repurposing needs some knowledge. 11 Ideas that can change the competitive reputation of your webinar in the market are as follows:

  1. Opt for Webinar Transcription to Post with a Recording

Google will read your webinar recorded video better if you offer them some transcribed words. Furthermore, the interactive webinar platforms allow you to add the various required content in different formats. Hence, you have to create a transcription for your webinar video and upload it with the same.

  1. Create Content for Social Media

You can develop different content formats and make your social media more engaging and impressive for global audiences. Furthermore, you can reach the on-demand live streaming services to get a teaser or trailer for your webinar environment. Hence, it can be used to share with your audience what you have or what they can get by attending your webinar.

  1. Transform into a Podcast

You can pivot your webinar videos to a podcast. It can be helpful in targeting those people who don’t have time or interest in sitting and watching a webinar. Hence, you can reach them with the podcast they listen to and understand the complete topic in detail. Furthermore, the online webinar services will provide a significant transformation as you can reach the audience with better recording and content.

  1. Write an Article

You can choose to write an article and publish it on other blogging websites. Furthermore, you can share the complete session in a reporting way. The live webinar software experts suggest writing in the third person and making it clear who said what and what questions and answers were there in the webinar. Hence, you can choose to go with content marketing as it can create a better experience for your audience. Also, you can create a blog for your own website and share it with a global audience.

  1. Share the Unplanned Surprises

You can reach the global audience with an unplanned surprise, such as live streaming. Furthermore, the online webinar platforms will help with that. They will offer a completely customizable space with numerous features and functionalities. Hence, you can broadcast the recorded video and attract the existing audience again.

  1. Use Quotes to Emphasize Content

You can use different quotes to make your content more valuable. Furthermore, there are a lot of ideas that can help you turn your regular writing into motivational content. The webinar platform experts suggest choosing quotes, motivational lines, knowledgeable phrases, facts, statistics, and more. Hence, quotations add more authenticity and creativity to your content. Adding quotes and examples can be a beneficial way to convey your message with a fun and enjoyable intention.

  1. Create a White Paper or eBook

You can create a white paper or an ebook to share various information about your webinar success. Furthermore, the live webinar platform experts share that such documents work when you want to share the story of your success and achievement with large-scale organizations. Hence, you need to write the white paper and ebook and publish them on your official website.

  1. Start a Discussion

You can start an online panel with global audiences. They will be able to hear your views and share their opinions as well. Furthermore, you can create a live discussion for both your live and on-demand webinar. It will be helpful in keeping your audience connected with you and making a unique impression on people. Hence, you can start with a discussion online over various social media platforms or other websites.

  1. Upload the Slides to Slideshare

You must have heard of Slideshare. It is a website that uploads various slides and videos of diverse organizations and offers a more promising space for audiences. Furthermore, you can get a high-scale webinar online by promoting it on the Slideshare website.

Hence, you can use your different content formats to repurpose this website. Also, you can create distinct slides for your webinar showcasing all the features, sessions, topics, specialists’ names, and other aspects.

  1. Use the Q&A Session for Repurposing

The most popular webinar platforms provide you with a live poll and separate Q&A space for better interaction. Hence, you would have created some questions for live polls and even have some data from the Q&A sessions. You can use these questions and create FAQ content.

Furthermore, you can write an entire blog, produce small posts over social media channels and build posts on other platforms. You can grab great attention by answering all the questions of the audience. Also, you can create a great chance to increase your audience number for your upcoming events.

  1. Create a Webinar Highlight Reel

Reels are the new fashion and trend of the market. Hence, you can create numerous reels with your recorded videos and make them reach global audiences. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and more channels will help you acquire global users and introduce your brand to them.

Furthermore, create some small clips and offer them a link to your on-demand webinar platform in the captions. They must be able to reach your space where you have a complete video uploaded. It can be a separate platform to upload the recordings, upload these on your official website, or make it more impressive in any other way.

So, these are the various ideas that can be helpful in repurposing your webinars and making the most of them. Furthermore, you can keep your webinar online for a long time via the on-demand event live streaming services. They will offer you complete customization and branding options on your webinar platform.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in repurposing your webinar and making the most of them.

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