8 Videos About Web Development That’ll Make You Cry

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Web development is the practice of creating websites and web apps that are accessible via the internet. You are interested in learning web development but aren’t sure from where to begin?

We’re all aware that the internet nowadays offers several opportunities for self-starters to do just that: get started. There was a time when you had to pay exorbitant fees to learn the skills you needed to succeed. Now there are many project management software available on the internet.

If you want to pursue a career in web development or work for a web development agency or simply your area of interest, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Of course, you can spend on short courses, either online or in-person — many courses are expensive. However, watching YouTube channels can be a great way to learn about developer perspectives and tips.

Numerous excellent developers share their knowledge by posting tutorials online as it is most visible on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine. It’s effortless to waste time on YouTube. Hours can fly by as you laugh at cat videos or watch skits. However, the site also has some excellent videos that can help you improve your web development skills. Instead of watching things that are not useful, focus on things videos worth watching.

This collection features the 8 YouTubers video who post videos about web development on their channels. Check out the list below today.

Why YouTube videos?

What’s the point of YouTube? First and foremost, it is free (most of the time), and the best YouTube channels and tutors engage you and motivate you to learn. They make you want more. YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning new skills and expanding on existing knowledge. We don’t always have time to watch an hour-long video on best practices or upcoming trends every week.

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Of course, everyone needs to take a mental break now and then, and YouTube is a great place to do so. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best design and development YouTube channels, each of which has appealing videos:

Which are the eight videos about web development that’ll make you cry?


Scott Tolinski’s Level Up Tuts YouTube channel answers web development questions and provides web development tutorials. He has tutorial videos on various topics, including creating your first website and building a blog and Drupal 8 fundamentals. Tolinski also makes videos about developer life in which he offers advice on a variety of topics, such as dealing with tedious work and dealing with frustration in development. The videos are so appealing to watch. On LevelUpTuts, treat your web development skills like a video game and watch these tutorials to “level up.” Scott Tolinski and Ben Schaff, the channel’s creators, have many great tutorials on topics that aren’t seen very often on other channels.


Derek Banas claims he will create tutorials on any subject imaginable. Banas offers a variety of “Learn in One Video” tutorials. Java, PHP, SASS, and Ruby are among the topics he claims you can learn in a single video. His “How to Lay the design of a Website” videos are also worthwhile to watch. You can find programming videos in a variety of languages on this YouTube channel. Dart Swift and Visual C can also get learned here.


Neilson runs the DevTips YouTube channel. He provides step-by-step web design and development tutorials and videos. His videos are exciting and engaging, and he has many other excellent videos, such as one in which he gives a tour video of Google’s offices. He also gives students advice on how to prepare for a career in web development. Travis Neilson’s DevTips channel focuses on both the development and design aspects of website creation. As an outcome, it is best suited for those interested in both, rather than just one. He has a few back-to-basics videos for beginners and does live interviews with others in the industry on occasion.

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This YouTuber uploads videos on programming fundamentals regularly. His tutorials cover a wide range of subjects, such as HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, and Drupal 7. For those interested in experimenting with design, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials are available. He also provides valuable information on freelancing and other topics. If you’re looking for programming tips and courses, this is the channel for you. This channel will teach you a great deal. It has excellent videos for both beginners and those with some prior experience with web development.

5. Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury has been producing videos for its users for over a decade. The channel has come a long way to provide you with detailed videos on the best programming languages such as JavaScript, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, ActionScript, and others. It has over 100 videos just on JavaScript.

On his channel, you’ll find lessons in both programming and graphic design. Among his most popular videos are ‘How to Detect User Browser JavaScript Programming Tutorial’ and ‘File Upload Drag and Drop Tutorial HTML5 JavaScript PHP.’


Will Stern manage this YouTube channel, where he offers free web development and design tutorials. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Docker, Server Administration, Dev Ops, Deployment Strategies, and other topics are covered in the channels.

There are also videos on website design, career advice, website development, and other topics. Many of the videos are geared toward newcomers. For any JavaScript enthusiast, it has a lot of videos to offer. 

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Watt, a 24-year-old South African web developer, provides web design and development tutorials to his YouTube subscribers. On his channel, he discusses WordPress, Bootstrap, Prestashop, JavaScript, and HTML.

8. Brad Hussey

On his YouTube channel, Brad Hussey claims to teach coding classes that “are not boring.” His claim is correct. Hussey’s videos are entertaining and upbeat. He is passionate about web development and design, and his enthusiasm shines through in his videos. Hussey, among other things, offers step-by-step tutorials for Bootstrap and jQuery. This channel contains courses on coding, CSS, PHP, and creating your website. You can also learn how to be a great freelancer and earn money with the skills you’ve acquired.


So here are the eight YouTubers who post web development videos that are worth watching. If you want to learn to code and are serious about web development, you should probably watch these resources at the same time to reinforce the fundamental concepts.

Web designers and web developers are constantly on the lookout for new things. Whatever framework, tool, or technology is employed, you can be sure that a recent version or update is in the works. Or there may be a market alternative being adopted by the creative masses that will improve your job prospects.

Do you want to learn React, JavaScript, Illustrator, UX, and other programming languages? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to improve your development skills so you can finally finish the personal project that’s been sitting on your desktop for the last two years. Whatever the reason, there is no better way to learn than from the experts. YouTube is ideal for getting instant access to world-class videos.

We hope this list inspires you to get started on your goals.

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