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5 things to keep in mind while buying luxury watches for ladies

Valentine’s week is yet to arrive and we’ve already begun to plan the gifts we shall be presenting to our loved ones. There are a bunch of options available from which you can easily choose a gift item that not only suits the person you are buying it for but also fits your budget. 


There is a wide range of watches, especially if we talk about women’s watches, to choose from. If you’re planning on buying a watch for your lady, you might want to consider some tips before you pay for one. You must have seen the same product cost differently in different stores, both online and offline. These tips shall help you acquire the watch of your desire, at the best price and also, the best store. In this article, we have provided some tips that could help you buy the right watch for yourself.


Choosing the right retailer:


There have been countless cases when an authorized retailer sold fake watches to customers. Now, as much as this can get the retailer in trouble, this can also get you in trouble. At the airport, there are some regular checks that could ask you for the paperwork of a luxury item if you’re found wearing it.


The paperwork is used to trace the product and its origin. So if you’re ever caught wearing a fake watch, you might have to waste some time at the airport. Hence, you just make sure that you buy the watch from a transparent retailer who provides you the watch with all the essential paperwork.


How much does the retailer know about the product they are selling:


You must always do some basic research about the watch you’re planning to buy, even if it is from an offline store. Well, especially if it is from an offline store, you just be more attentive about what you’re investing in. Several times, the retailers know very little about the product they’re trying to sell to their customers.


Having a well-informed retailer can be a blessing since they can help you in choosing a better watch for yourself. Hence, when you’ve done the basic research about the watch you’re planning to buy, you can ask the retailer some basic questions like the origin of the watch, and the USP of the watch. If the retailer is unable to answer your questions satisfactorily, then you must try going to a different store.


Service centers:


Choose a store or a brand that has its service centers in your city. It can be very painful to get your watch fixed or repaired if there is no service center for it in your area. Also, you would require a trustworthy salesperson to hand your luxurious watch to. Since you’re buying the watch for your lady love, you wouldn’t want to trouble her by gifting her a watch that has absolutely no service centers in her area. Hence, if you’re in a long-distance relationship with your woman, make sure she does not have to travel a lot to get her to watch repairs.


Best price:


If you’re planning on buying the watch from an offline store, make sure you do a little survey about its price in all the nearby stores. Different stores shall be offering different discounts for their valentine’s day sale. All you need to do is find out which one is giving you the best discount and buy the product at its best price.


If you’re buying the product from an online store, you could just browse its price on the different sites and choose the best one.


Added services:


One of the most important factors that you need to check on while buying a luxury watch is if they provide insurance or a warranty on the product. Since you’re investing a handsome amount in a product like a  watch, you deserve some additional services with it. Hence, before you think of buying a watch from an online or offline store, make sure that you have discussed the insurance policy and the added services that come along with the watch. Most retailers provide you insurance against theft and any kind of damages. 




Buying a watch isn’t as much of a deal, but when you’re buying a luxury, there are some tips that you must consider to make an informed decision. Make sure that you buy the watch from a transparent retailer that provides you with all the necessary papers associated with the watch


Ask the retailer some basic questions about the watch and make sure that he has sufficient knowledge about the product he is selling. Find out the best price of the watch, by checking its price and the discounts offered by the retailers. Make sure that you’re provided with added services like insurance on damage and theft.

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