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5 Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Diamond Ring

A girl’s best friend! Something which adds stars to a wedding or proposal. You guessed it right, we are talking about Diamonds. Diamonds, the hardest substance on earth and yet the closest to our hearts. What is a wedding proposal without a diamond ring!


If you’re the lucky girl getting hitched soon and are planning on buying a diamond ring for your big day, you might want to consider doing some research on the same, to get the best for yourself.  To save your time and energy, we have mentioned all the intricate details that you might want to learn about while choosing your diamond. 


  1. The 4Cs of diamond:


You could be anywhere across the globe but your guide to buying a diamond starts with the 4Cs. The first C stands for cut. The second C stands for clarity. The third C stands for color and the fourth C stands for carat. These four Cs must not be compromised at any cost. If you’re paying for the diamond, it should be worth every penny you spend on it.


Talking about the cut of the diamond, it can be maintained at ‘good’ or can even be accepted at ‘fair’. If you do not have a big budget, you can bring down the clarity to S | 1. The color of the diamond can be brought down to ‘J,’ to suit your budget. And one can choose gold to go with the diamond, for the ring.


  1. The shape of the diamond:


Mostly, people buy diamonds in round shape. The primary reason behind this is their unawareness about the other shapes that diamonds come in and also the large availability of diamonds in round shape. Depending upon the size of one’s ring finger, one can choose the diamond of their preferred shape.


Diamonds are available in different shapes and sizes like cushion, princess, heart, radiant, pear, oval, etc. Round diamonds are usually smaller than diamonds of other shapes. Diamonds of other shapes appear bigger than the round ones. A major reason behind this is their diagonal length and elongated shape.


  1. The cut quality matters:


A diamond is known for its sparkle. The better a diamond sparkles, the more attractive it is and the more costly it is. The cut of a diamond is what determines how well it is going to sparkle. The most precisely cut diamonds give you the best sparkle.


So if you’re going to buy a diamond but do not have a massive budget, you can choose to compromise on any of the Cs (mentioned above), but not the cut of the diamond. If the quality of its cut is reduced, it will take away the worth of the diamond. The more beautifully a diamond is cut, the more perfect it looks on your ring finger. 


  1. Do not forget the certificate:


We are not gemologists and hence we do not have the eye it takes to identify a real diamond and differentiate it from a fake one. Hence, what proves the quality and authenticity of a diamond is the seller’s certificate that comes with every diamond and that is provided to it by laboratories like GIA or IGI.


The certificate provides you with all the information about the cut, clarity, and color of the diamond you’re buying.


  1. The carat weight:


The fourth and one of the most important C in our list is the carat weight of the diamond. You must have heard people talk about 2-carat Diamonds. Well, have you ever wondered how important the carat weight of a diamond is?


Diamonds come in a variety of weights like .50ct, 1.0ct, 1.5ct, 2.0ct, etc. As we go from .50ct to 2.0ct, the price of the diamond increases exponentially. If you’re on a short budget, you just consider buying a diamond of one of these carat weights since it would cost you decently and would not drain your bank balance.




The importance of diamonds in a woman’s life, especially for a wedding, cannot be emphasized enough. If you’re considering buying a diamond for yourself, or a loved one, you must first learn some basic details so that you can judge a diamond wisely and also buy a diamond that is worth every penny of yours. 


We start with four Cs. The four Cs in our guide are the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the diamond. If you’re on a low budget, the clarity is acceptable at S | 1, the Color is acceptable at ‘J,’ and the cut quality is acceptable at ‘good’ and ‘fair’. Diamonds come in various shapes like a cushion, princess, heart, radiant, pear, oval, round, etc. You can choose as per your preference. One should make sure that the diamond comes with a seller’s certificate that has been approved by laboratories like GIA or IGI.

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