5 Things to check Before Buying an Unsold Car

“Inventory cars” is the recent hot topic in the automobile world. More and more people are taking interest in cars that never get sold. Never get sold! Yes, you read that right. There are cars that never get sold that you can buy at lower prices. Lower prices are one reason these people are more attracted to these cars.


What are unsold inventory cars?


Countless cars are launched by different brands throughout the year. Some of these cars are received warmly by the buyers and are sold in large quantities while some of these cars are not able to perform well in the competition or fail to convince the customers in buying them. These cars that fail to get sold are sent to the inventory by the showrooms. Towards the end of the year, the showrooms take note of all these cars that are left unsold and these cars are sold to the buyers at huge discounts. 


How to buy an unsold car?


Get in contact with the nearest showrooms and keep checking in about the cars that haven’t been doing well on sales. Towards the end of the year, in the final two months, ask the sales manager of the showroom about the cars that haven’t been sold and are in the inventory. 


Car dealers buy cars from the manufacturers. These cars are mostly bought in stock (in large numbers). The dealers buy these cars at a price much lower than the price on which they sell these cars. Some of these cars are sold while some of these remain unsold throughout the year. The cars that are unsold cannot be returned to the manufacturer and hence the dealer might suffer huge monetary losses. To prevent any such loss, they sell these unsold cars at a lower price.


When the year concludes, most of the showrooms take out their unsold cars from the inventories and sell them at prices lower than those assigned to the cars when they were launched. You can ask the showrooms about the details of the unsold new cars and then buy them at the end of the year.


Why does a car remain unsold?


Before you think of buying an unsold car, you must know why the model remained unsold. Here are a few reasons why a car ends up being in the inventory instead of being sold.


  • The foremost reason is its performance. Every car is reviewed by different reviewers as soon as it is launched. If a car does not get positive reviews on its performance, its popularity falls exponentially and so do its sales. This often pushes the car to the inventory.


  • A lot of times a particular model is sold in some selected colors while the other or unpopular colors get left out. The same goes for the texture of the models. In the past few years, cars with Matt finish have become more popular amongst buyers and so, the cars with a glossy finish receive lesser sales compared to the Matt ones.


  • Sometimes, a car or its model lacks the features that its contemporaries have. This makes the car less popular compared to its contemporaries. For example, a car might provide one of its models with a sunroof, while some other brand might sell a model at the same price but with lesser features. The buyers shall automatically be attracted to the former one.


What to consider before buying an unsold new car?


  1. Your foremost concern should be the reason behind the fact that the car did not perform well at sales and remained unsold. 
  2. Aspects, like its color and texture, can be compromised, but if there has been an issue with its engine or some primary feature, then it might not be the right decision to buy such a car.
  3. Make sure that the price you’re paying for the unsold new car is justified and that the car performs well enough to be called a first-hand purchase. 
  4. Make sure there are no defects in the unsold cheap cars you’re buying. Many times, the model is good enough but the showroom sells you a defective piece in the name of an unsold car.
  5. Ask yourself why you would want to buy unsold new cars that have been in the inventory of a showroom. Never buy unsold inventory cars just because of the heavy discount. Take advice from friends and members of the family. 



Unsold cars that spend almost a year in the inventory of a showroom are cleared by the showroom at the end of the year. Unsold new cars attract a lot of buyers since they are sold at massive discounts. Before buying these cars, one must check for the reasons that landed the car in the inventory. The color and texture of the car can be compromised with but not its engine. One must not be blinded by the massive discount on these unsold inventory cars but should make a rational decision.


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