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10 Best Education Blogs for Students to Follow

The education industry is talking about a $ 19.4 billion industry. An analysis of the education industry also estimates that there are a maximum of 12 million students in schools in the United States alone.

This does not include older countries in other parts of the world and college students as well as adults who need educational hints on a variety of topics.


Education Blogs

The Education Blog can be anything the intended lessons that home school parents can use, current news about the state of education, actual tuition and even online courses. There are many different niches in education in which you will not be short of covering possible topics.

Your main problem will be to limit your attention enough so that you can create strong target demographics in your readers. Here’s what the blogs mostly covers;

  Adult training blogs

  • Blog about computer programs of an educational nature
  • Blog about technology in education
  • Blogs to give college students advice on how to succeed in higher education
  • Check out the blog about curriculum and other educational products
  • Lesson planning
  • Teacher Blogs where teachers update students and parents
  • Tips for doing well in school
  • Tutoring blogs

Examples of education Blogs

Getting a degree at a university can be expensive, but we have better options.

Why are there so many websites on the internet now?


  • Open culture

You can learn a lot for free here, including courses, textbooks and videos/movies.


  • Nine excuse list

Here you will find a huge list of websites where you can learn.


  • The University of Red Eight

UDA City Helps advance your education and career through online classes based on a focused plan. Mainly offers computer, science and math courses.


  • MIT Open Courseware

Through this website you can access many MIT courses for free which will meet the standards of MIT University.


  • Alison

There are more than 60 million tutorials on the Allison that can provide information on each topic. About 1.2 million unique people visit this website every month.


  • Coursera

Coursera is also an educational website that works with universities and uploads their courses to the Internet for your free use. You can find information on more than 542 courses.


  • Tufts Open Courseware

 It is part of a new educational project launched by MIT and provides free access to online course materials for all. In addition to the life sciences, the Tufts course demonstrates the service of its university and basic ethics and its local, national and international perspectives.


  • Open Yell Course

It provides free and open access to lectures in the classrooms of eminent university teachers and intellectuals. These lectures are available in video and audio and do not require registration to use.


  • Computer Libraries

With a large education, most people can be taught to read and write if there is computer communication in every home that is connected to huge libraries for nursing assignments.

Where you can ask any question and get answers. And in the same way you can see anything that you are interested in knowing no matter how useless it may seem to someone else.


  • Zuniverse

Take part in exciting courses on nature, science and culture.

This type of web hosting advice tells you that your target audience for educational blogs is slightly different. While WHSR offers articles that appeal to people who want to grow their blog, find a better web host, or build their business, such as online assignment writing services, an education blog will complement those who provide information about education. And those who want to, improve their education, or get help with their children’s education.

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